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1-2-1 Consultations

I believe to make significant and sustainable changes we need to take this slowly, and therefore I would highly recommend a minimum of a 6-week package.


We are all individuals with different lifestyles; our approach to health is no exception.


I aim to get you back in tune with your body, to understand how it works and listen to it so that reaching for the healthier option becomes second nature.

I offer two package options for my clients, both of which can be undertaken virtually, making it easier to fit around your schedule.

3 Session Package

This includes a 60-75 minute initial consultation, followed by 2 review sessions.

This option gives you an opportunity to see how you find working with me and if it fits with your lifestyle.

We can then add further sessions after this if needed.

Many of my clients extend the block and I offer a discount when doing this.

6 Session Package

We begin with the initial consultation (60-75 minutes), followed by a written nutrition and lifestyle plan.
This will be broken down into weekly aims and areas to focus on. 

You'll also get meal plans or recipes tailored to you, your food preferences and your time constraints.

At the second consultation (20-30 minute review), we look to further adapt the plan if necessary, and at the third consultation (30 minute review), we will discuss the next steps and how you can adopt this plan for the future.



As much as nutrition is my love, there are many aspects to a healthy happy life.


I am keen to share small changes that we can all make to our lives that will bring noticeable benefits.

Over the last year I have been offering workshops and presentations on a number of different topics such as how to have a healthy mid life (mainly aimed at perimenopausal women) and how what you eat during your 30’s and 40’s can impact your weight, hormones, immune system, sleep and your mood.

I am passionate that we all need more knowledge to help us navigate our health so I love presenting at these events and seeing people leave with a couple of key changes that they can adopt instantly into their lives for the better.

I have a broad knowledge of midlife health and have taken additional training in HRT and many other aspects of menopause as I don’t believe that only nutrition helps at this time.

If you would like to offer your workforce an added benefit through a workshop on healthy eating, ways to navigate the menopause then please get in touch to discuss.

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Bespoke Consultations

I think that family dinners can be so difficult when everyone wants to eat something different.


I am keen to help you navigate this so that you can offer one meal for the whole family.


Get in touch for some tips and family recipes and suggestions.

And if you have something that you wonder if I can help with, please do get in touch as I might be able to!


Ready to talk?

Discussing your expectations, needs and requirements is so important to beginning our collaborative journey together, and I would love to hear more about you and your current situation.

So why not get in touch for a no obligation (but hopefully informative!) 15 minute discovery call with me...?

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