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To book me for your event...

I love talking to people about good nutrition!

Sometimes hearing about another's experience - and how they turned things around - is all that is needed to kickstart a lifelong shift towards better health.

If you want to book me to speak at your event, please do get in touch.


"I heard Kate speak at Two Ducks menopause cafe on the importance of nutrition in mid life and how it affects your menopause journey. I am currently 48 and in the peri-menopausal stage so it really interested me. 

During peri-menopause I have dealt with various symptoms including sleepless nights, weight gain, bloating, brain fog, bladder weakness, low energy, anxiety, sweats and pain in my hips and joints. Fun combination!!

I am now on HRT (gel and progesterone pill) which has definitely helped with my symptoms however I have found its not as simple as taking HRT and all is solved. Nutrition and diet seems to play an absolutely key role which Kate explained at the cafe meeting.

Approximately 6 weeks after following Kate’s lifestyle advice on diet and nutrition (including important supplements like Vitamin D) I am free of my sugar cravings - yey! I have lost 4 jean sizes and have a flatter stomach than I’ve had in years. I am enjoying feeding myself and my family food that properly fuels us and eliminates the desire for snacking. I have no sweats, more clarity of thinking and so much energy I actually still can’t sleep at night because I’ve got so much left - LOL!

I can highly recommend Kate and her support and encouragement which really has changed my whole way of looking at diet - I no longer feel like I’m ‘depriving’ myself of ‘goodies’ but giving my body exactly what it needs to feel good."

Photograph by Eddie Judd

Claire Leigh

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