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How it all started..

My passion for food and taking a more holistic approach started for me in my 30's when I couldn't get pregnant.


I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome when I was 14, but to be honest, I was more focussed on how it affected my hairy legs than my infertility and health at that age...!

I got very used to having one period a year, which used to cripple me. I had a typical 20 year old professional's lifestyle, living it up. My job in London was pretty stressful and looking back, I had lots of alarm bells that my health was not right.


My digestion was terrible and I felt constantly bloated, so I used to take peppermint capsules every afternoon at work.

I constantly had abdominal pain but thought this was the norm.


This continued into my 30's, when I realised that in order to get pregnant, I might need more regular periods...

What happened next...

After doing some reading, I realised that my toasted panini, packet of crisps and can of Diet Coke every day for lunch probably wasn’t going to help, so I slowly started to change my diet.


I reduced the processed breads, gave up the fizzy drinks and hoped for the best.


This still didn’t help, so after various tests, I realised my husband and I were very zinc deficient (crucial for a healthy reproductive system) so we started increasing protein in our diets.


We then undertook IVF and decided to support our chances of success by supplementing our minerals and nutrition and dramatically changing our diets.


Luckily this worked for us, and we were lucky to have a daughter on our first go.


Amazingly, having been given less than 1% chance of having a baby, I was then pregnant naturally 8 months after having my first.


I definitely believe that the change of diet impacted this.


Then came the family...

My second daughter had various health issues as a toddler and was diagnosed with pneumonia numerous times by the time she was 3.  


She wasn’t growing well, was losing her hair and kept picking up every cough, but for her it would always lead to a trip to hospital.  


We took the doctor’s advice and gave her the steroids and hoped for the best. ..


During this time, I got made redundant from my job so I decided it was my mission to get her better.  


We started with stool tests which showed the presence of two parasites so I did lots of reading. I took her off gluten and dairy as they are both mucous forming and wouldn’t help her gut.  I reduced her ham, sausages and bacon as they usually are made using sodium nitrate that can trigger asthma and really upped her vegetable and fish intake.  


Luckily, she was young enough that she mostly ate what we gave her!


Slowly she got better and stronger and she is now one of the tallest and sportiest 12-year-olds I know (having not had any breathing issues for years)!

Where we are now...

Fast forward 10 years - aged 46 - and now with regular periods, I started to feel the fluctuating hormones affecting my life again - my mood swings and PMT were getting worse, I was waking in the night, and I had this horrible anxiety and racing heart.


Having by now taken a very keen interest in nutrition and continuing on our healthy eating journey, I thought that this might be something I could help balance with a healthy diet.


I thought that because the peri-menopause/ menopause was natural that it should be something that we can cope with. But after doing all my reading, I found that I still needed more support, and that if you took the right HRT that this might help.


To start with I felt embarrassed that I had 'given in' to medication as I rarely visit the doctor, but my mental health was more important.

At this time I also decided that I wanted to use my passion as a new career so I signed up to train to be a nutrition health coach with Sano. I enrolled in various menopause courses as I was keen to learn but also to see if the medical world and the nutrition world could be combined.


This was when I realised how little help there was for women at this point in their lives. I was shocked and surprised that (non-specialist) doctors didn’t study the menopause or have any specialist training in this crucial area half the populations’ health!


That lack of educated support is why I am here for you now!

And if you've reached the end of my story, WELL DONE!

How I can help you

I have been working with women just like you to help improve their health through diet and nutrition.


Here are some words from a few of my previous clients about how I have helped them...

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"Kate exceeded my expectations.

I have had sessions with nutritional therapists before, however Kate really paid attention and considered my lifestyle in all the recommendation! Much appreciated!!"

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"I absolutely feel motivated to make the changes and adhere to the plan.

Kate was extremely supportive in the personal journey and development. For example, I was kicking myself one weekend as I had not adhered to the plan but from that experience learnt a lot. Kate supported me through this and helped me realize that this was part for the learning and journey I was on."

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"Kate made me feel instantly at ease.

I didn’t feel like I was being ‘judged’, or too embarrassed to admit any ‘unhealthy’ eating habits."

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"Kate 100% personalized the sessions and recommendations with my budget and lifestyle in mind. This was absolutely appreciated and what made the recommendations far easier to adapt."

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"I was thoroughly impressed by how much knowledge Kate has about all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

At no point did she hesitate in our discussion, and frequently offered scientific explanations about the benefits of certain foods."

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"Kate’s method of consulting regarding nutritional therapy really allowed me to reflect and think about not only what I eat but also my relationship with food. This was accomplished with both open and closed questions. Kate was very supportive and encouraging in her method of communication and without a doubt listened to me, and my concerns and aspirations."

Ready to talk?

Discussing your expectations, needs and requirements is so important to beginning our collaborative journey together, and I would love to hear more about you and your current situation.

So why not get in touch for a no obligation (but hopefully informative!) 15 minute discovery call with me...?

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